How to Run JavaDB without using Netbeans?

UPDATED: 13 November 2010
JDBC, Database
JavaDB is not preferred for big application. However you can use if for college projects. Let me show you how you can connect with JavaDB directly from your windows application(.jar).

I'm considering that you created database using some IDE like netbeans or other. Download database with all required file, can be moved in any system directly.

Step 1: Download database and copy folder(extracted zip) in your application folder.

Step 2: Copy your database folder in database_path\JavaDB\bin .


HZL is my database folder contain database file. 
Note: HZL is my root folder. Don't create new folder in "bin" paste the folder direct. Below figure show contains of HZL folder.


Step 3: Start database server. Open database_path\JavaDB\bin\startnetworkserver.bat file. That will start your database server. 

Don't close this command prompt. 

Step 4: Stop Server
  • - By Pressing cltr+C
  • - JavaDB\bin\Stopnetworkserver.bat

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Execute startnetworkserver.bat using java program. Read further about executing command using java program.