Blackberry mobile tracking software

UPDATED: 13 December 2011

If you are looking for free software to protect your Blackberry. This is perfect software for freebie. I know you love your blackberry as i have blackberry. I came with new software for free that will protect you blackberry from theft.

jqSecure is free software to protect the Blackberry smart phones. Download the software here

Default Password : "password"
Zip File:
App World :

How to install?
  • Extract the zip file and copy files in your mobile device
  • Open jqSecure.jad
Set Application Permissions
Allow all permission - Scroll for more in mobile and save
Allow otherwise application can't track location
Password of application is password

Password of application is "password" (without quote).Check your downloads folder for the application now you can change password from settings.


  • Password of settings is also same.
  • Set recovery contact with country code.
  • When you save the settings and the verified SIM will be set to current.
  • If Location is not working you can go through mobile service provider for detailed information of suspect.
  • SMS come from the new SIM inserted in mobile.
Click on ping SMS to see the current location and open URL in your Computer / Laptop

Link will show you the above page

Click on View Location. That shows you the location of your blackberry on google map.

Location on Google MAP