What is Global libraries in Netbeans?

UPDATED: 16 April 2012

Netbeans is one of the famous editor around the Java developers. People say eclipse is better but i don't think so because in eclipse you have to configure all the thing at each step. I built so many applications in netbeans and i prefer it rather then using the eclipse.

Many of you using the netbeans for a long time but for the time shortage you didn't checked all features of the netbeans.I started new topic on my blog "Netbeans at glance". I'll give some fantastic reviews, idea, tools about netbeans. 

So back to the topic now we all use some libraries in our projects for that what we do each time we import the library from the hard drive and we have to navigate through different drives and all. It waste so much time. If you are professional programmer then you much take care of your time. I'll show you how you can save time on such a things.
  • Always create separate one folder/ drive (if you have space) for programming stuff.
  • Keep all API/ libraries in one folder. Helps to navigate if you want to copy some API/libraries to transfer in other media.
Global libraries in netbeans helps you to save your time by importing libraries each time. When ever you create new project it'll be available in list so click on it and u'll have all libraries. Let me show you how you can do this. The below thing you can also do by Tools > Libraries

Step 1: Open up any project move to the Libraries folder. Right click on it and click Add Library

Step 2: It'll show you the list of global libraries. Now Click on create

Step 3: Write down you library name and select class libraries

Step 4 : You'll have window click on Classpath and select your Jar/Folder.

Step 5: Click ok. Now you can brows the library in all project you create in netbeans so you don't need to navigate drives and folder each time.

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