Why 'Test Packages' folder in netbeans?

UPDATED: 18 April 2012
Some of you thought why there is a folder "Test Packages" in netbeans. There is a special thought for providing Test Packages folder in project. This will help you only if you are developing some API or say class for general use in team or company or say you are free lancer. Check the my javaQuery API's project structure in image.

You'll see there is so many classes in "Source Packages" folder. and APITest.java in "Test Packages" folder. This is how my javaQuery API. I test each code before publishing the API. "Test Packages" helps me to run my "Source Packages" code. When you create the .jar file using netbeans. It won't let include "Test Packages" class in final .jar file. 


How to create Test Packages Folder in your project if its missing.

You may deleted the "Test Packages" folder from your project and now you want it back to your project. Let me show you how you can achieve that. Right click on project and go to Properties. You'll find Test Packages option in right side pane in source option and click Add Folder. Check the below image and use folder name same as "Test Packages"