Ad Tracking: The Invisible Spy

UPDATED: 04 June 2013
In daily life we spent hours on the Internet. Have you ever wonder that why there's an advertise of website that you opened a minute(s) ago.

Ad Traking

For an Example: When you want to buy something, you open random website(s). You check out price, color, size and all. For a obvious reason you don't buy the things. Minute you open the next news website or some blog you'll get the advertise of the same website you tried to purchase. That is called Ad Tracking.

Why is so?: Only some natural resources are free on the Planet Earth. Everyone wants to make money. They put advertise(s) on their website, blog. When you click on it, advertising company pay money to owner of that website for serving advertise.

Lets have a look on How Ad Tacking works.

Ad Traking

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Allison Morris