regexp: Java script Regular Expression bundle

UPDATED: 01 July 2013
What is Regular Expression?
Regular expression is machine language. It filter given input based on regular expression. For more information on regular expression read


Introducing the javascript bundle that contains bunch of useful Regular expression. I implemented some general regular expression in the javascript however there are tons of other reg exp still pending.

Current version regexp.0.0.1.js

  • Regular Expression Email 
  • Regular Expression hashtag
  • Regular Expression bold 
  • Regular Expression italic
  • Regular Expression strike
  • Regular Expression phone_3_3_4
  • Regular Expression phone_3_7
  • Regular Expression phone_10
  • Regular Expression phone_5_6
  • Regular Expression ipAddress
  • Regular Expression YYYY/MM/DD
  • Regular Expression MM/DD/YYYY
  • Regular Expression DD/MM/YYYY
  • Regular Expression Digit
  • Regular Expression Float
  • Regular Expression username
  • Regular Expression password
  • Regular Expression HEXcolor
  • Regular Expression imageFile
  • Regular Expression documentFile
  • Regular Expression HTMLtag
  • Regular Expression 12Hour
  • Regular Expression 24Hour
  • Regular Expression MAC
  • Regular Expression url
  • Regular Expression badWords

I request you to all reader to contribute for the javascript. Submit your regular expression:
- Submit your regular expression in comment
- Use Github :
- Join Google Plus community :
        - Submit Regular Expression, Request Regular Expression, Report bug, Discussion
- Download :