How to find CLSID or Program ID of program?

UPDATED: 28 December 2013
Its very common for .Net guys but for Java Developer its hard as rocket science. I'm one of 'em until dig into it. This article for those who don't know how to find CLSID, Program ID and Version independent program ID.

All you need is one tool called OLE/COM Object Viewer by Microsoft. Its provided with Visual Studio but you don't have to download visual studio just to get OLE/COM Object Viewer. Its is standalone graphical utility which can be downloaded from free of cost.

Download :

Step 1: You know what to do. Install it.

Step 2: Object Classes > All Objects

OLE/COM Object Viewer

Step 3: Find your program from hierarchy. Select application in right pane you'll find you required details.

OLE/COM Object Viewer

Its simple as that. All information you need to know about your program. Check out how you can interact with Windows program using java : Getting started with JACOB. An Example with Source Code