How to configure SQL Explorer in Eclipse?

UPDATED: 13 February 2014
Today I came to know one cool plugin of Eclipse. Its SQL Explorer, some of you may aware of this awesome plugin. This article for those who not heard about this plugin ever.

  • Connect remote databases.
  • Able to show Tables, Function, View, Stored Procedure, etc...
  • Quick preview of table contains (Table Structure, Foreign keys, Indexes, etc...)
  • Query execution history.

Drawback: (Or may be I'm wrong)
  • Can't execute Stored Procedure, Function, etc... from SQL Explorer

Note: Download from original site in-case you face some issue for your eclipse environment.

Step 1: Download and extract file. Merge it with eclipse `features` and `plugins` folder.

Step 2: Restart eclipse.

Step 3: Go to Window > Preferences > SQL Explorer and follow step as below image and click Edit.

SQL Explorer

Step 4: Click on Extra Class Path > Add JARs and select `sqljdbc-1.2.0.jar` from location you downloaded at starting of this article. Then click on List Drivers. Click OK on both popup window.

SQL Explorer

Step 5: Now you are good to go. All You need to open perspective window in eclipse. Go to Window > Open Perspective > Other > SQL Explorer.

Step 6: You'll have SQL Explorer window open in your eclipse. In left pan you'll have connection tab. Right click in that tab area create new connection.

Step 7: Provide your connection details in popup window and click ok.

SQL Explorer

That's it. We are done with SQL Explorer setup. Enjoy your new SQL editor. Open below image in new tab to check out SQL Explorer in Eclipse.

SQL Explorer