How to read file in Java?

UPDATED: 03 August 2014
Following is very common method to read any file in Java, However certain file type has their own formatting . It will not work in case of XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc... There are bunch of APIs available on Internet that could help to read / parse this files.


public class ReadFile {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        /* Create an object of File and specify file path */
        File file = new File("D:\\Dropbox\\Workspace\\SampleTextFile.txt");
        /* String to hold new line value from file */
        String fileLine = "";
        /* Check if file is exists or not */
            /* Check you have permission to read file or not */
                try {
                    /* BufferedReader to read file line by line */
                    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));
                    /* Loop until last line of file */
                    while((fileLine = br.readLine())!= null){
                        /* Print the line of file */
                } catch (Exception ex) {
                    /* Runtime exception */
                /* Show message you don't have permission to read the file */
                System.out.println("Don't have permission to read the file.");
            /* Show message file doesn't exsists the specified location. */
            System.out.println("Can't find file specified");

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