When Hibernate uses INNER JOIN?

UPDATED: 22 September 2014
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After years of experience working around Hibernate there are very few people actually knows "When Hibernate Uses INNER JOIN". I'm one of 'em till today. Today I drilled further and found 3 cases where Hibernate uses INNER JOIN.

1. not-null attribute
When you specify attribute not-null = "true" in hbm.xml for particular column which used for table joining, It will use INNER JOIN no matter you specified FetchMode.JOIN in criteria.
/* Having not-null = "true" in hbm file, It'll override following FetchMode.JOIN */
criteria.setFetchMode("user", FetchMode.JOIN);

2. createAlias
When you create an alias of table, Hibernate will automatically uses INNER JOIN. Its default setting of hibernate.
criteria.createAlias("user", "user");

3. CriteriaSpecification.INNER_JOIN
Well you can ignore CriteriaSpecification.INNER_JOIN, as it can be used with createAlias. And when you use createAlias hibernate will automatically use INNER JOIN but this is just for the sake of your knowledge.
criteria.createAlias("user", "user", CriteriaSpecification.INNER_JOIN);

Note: If I'm missing any other way let's all know about it. Use comment box below.