How to create resource folder in Netbeans?

UPDATED: 22 October 2015
What is resource folder?
Resource folder is same as src folder of project. However it aimed to store .ico, .mp3, .xml, .properties, etc… files of Project. These are common files used in project.

Note: On successful compilation of project all resource file will be stored in bin folder of project with same structure of resource folder.

Step 1: Right click on Project and go to Properties.

Step 2: Go to Sources and click on Add Folder...

Step 3: Create folder called resources by clicking on icon at top right corner then click on Open.
Note: You can give any name to resources. Its not compulsory to give folder name resources.

Step 4: Click Ok on Project Properties window.

Step 5: You successfully created resource folder in Netbeans and now you can add common files in it.

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