How to get Latitude - Longitude without GPS in mobile device?

UPDATED: 12 June 2013

What is GPS?
GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Its a hardware used to get the accurate location of device. It gives the Latitude - Longitude of the device.

What if there ain't GPS?
You might used Google Maps in non GPS device. They are still able to get the perfect location of your device. So we'll look into that situation how they target the mobile device. All you need is get below details from mobile device.

1. Mobile Country Code (MCC) - To detect current country of device.
2. Mobile Network Code (MNC)- Te delete current service provide.
3. Local Area Code (LAC)- To detect device in which region.
4. Cell ID - Unique id of that region.

I created GeoLocation class in javaQuery API 8.1 . I'm using free service to get the latitude and longitude. Sometime you may get 0.0 for Latitude and Longitude. It says that there is no record available for that details. This API is for testing purpose. If you are creating the paid application or Official application, buy service to get the latitude and longitude using mcc, mnc, lac and cellid. Let's take a look at code snippet.
 * MAPTargetByMobile(int, int, int, int);
 * MAPTargetByMobile(mcc, mnc, lac, cellid);
 * It'll only give you Latitude and Longitude
import javaQuery.importClass.javaQueryBundle;
import javaQuery.j2ee.GeoLocation;

public class Demo {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{
        GeoLocation Target = javaQueryBundle.createGeoLocation();
        Target.MAPTargetByMobile(404, 58, 1339, 9029);
Now what next? 
Use Google Maps to get location of mobile device using Latitude and Longitude.

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