JClock (javaQuery.swing.JClock) A Swing class for clock

UPDATED: 13 June 2013
Introducing whole new class JClock for swing application. I was thinking for a long, why there ain't any component for displaying clock in swing application. Finally I coded JClock.java class. So let's have a look at coding part.
Swing JClock
 * JClock(JLabel clock, boolean hour, boolean minute, boolean second, boolean AM_PM)
 * Pass the label reference you want to display clock
 * Indicate the time flag as per your need
 * You can change the Clock text size, color, font, etc... by providing JLabel property
import javaQuery.swing.JClock;
JClock javaQueryClock = new JClock(jLabel1,true,true,true,true);

So its simple and easy to implement in your swing application. You can have your JLabel properties as it is. Happy Coding...